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Education Sunday

In order to commence the six-year secondary school journey of our Secondary One students with the blessings of God, our school actively participated in the Education Sunday service at The Church of Christ in China Hop Yat Church (Kowloon) on 17th September, 2023. The event aimed to instill a sense of faith, unity, and purpose among the students as they embarked on this new chapter of their academic lives.

During the service, Yip Pui Ching, representing all Secondary One students, led a heartfelt prayer, seeking God’s guidance and blessings for the students’ educational journey. To further deepen the spirit of worship and unity, our school’s dedicated worship team performed the uplifting song “We are one in the bond of love.” The service also included a thought-provoking sermon that resonated with the students and provided them with valuable insights and inspiration for their academic and personal growth. After the service, students from each class had the opportunity to capture this memorable occasion by taking group photos inside the church.

By actively participating in the Education Sunday service, our school demonstrated its commitment to nurturing the holistic development of students, including their spiritual well-being